Creative Direction – Jacques A. Montemoiño


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1st House: Gideon Games

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Meninjer Android Download


Nano-Doc XBLIG Download

Nano- Doc – XBOX Live Indie 2010



Jade Konoichi XBLIG Download

Jade Konoichi – XBOX Live Indie 2012




Iron Bridge – iOS – 2009

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You have been selected to prove your worth. The Architects of Ascension have tasked you to link the ends of the universe by creating a bridge across the cosmos of subspace. But they will not make it easy. You will have to demonstrate your prowess and speed by collecting power-ups and protecting your bridge chain from the explosions generated by the AOA.

Your ability to build a bridge is not in question; it is your ability to choose the right path that will prove that you have the intuition to become an AOA.

Iron Bridge provides a challenging game experience through more than 100 levels. A game of Persistence, luck, and split-second timing, Iron Bridge has two different modes of play and five difficulty levels. Play a quick game on your way to work or spend hours on the weekend passing your previous level. Dare your friends to beat your high score and push yourself beyond your own expectations. Are you persistent enough to outsmart the AOA and reach the goal? Play to find out.





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Video Game Titles:
1)Nano-Doc (Microsoft XBOX Live and Windows): This is a game I was inspired to make because of having Multiple Sclerosis. You play as a medical nano-machine that travels through the human body killing off disease and virus.
2)Jade Konoichi (Microsoft XBOX Live and Windows)
3)Iron Bridge (iOS)
4)Meninjer (Android)


• One of the few Latino’s that own a video game development company in United States.

Public Appearances

• National Public Radio (NPR) –Story Core interview for radio syndication to speak about his struggles in life and the industry he is in now. [November 8th, 2012.] • Caribbean Melange Radio: Karen Clark Show – CMM Global- Spoke as a motivational speaker and retold stories of tribulation and achievement in my life. [September 27th, 2012]

Bold Ventures Radio: Interviewed and questioned by Jean Creech about trends in the video game industry as well as staying motivated despite setbacks, the loss of child to asthma, and living/thriving with Multiple Sclerosis despite the odds and prognosis. [Oct. 3th 2012].

• Published as a case study in Game Development Essentials 3rd edition By Jeannie Novak.
• Published as an industry professional in Game Development essentials UI design 2nd Edition authored by Jeannie Novak.
• Gaming 4 Respect Radio: Web Radio Podcast: Guest Speaker.


Service to the Community • Recognized employer by Art Institute [May 9th, 2012] • Recognized for involvement in career awareness by Brumby Middle School [March 30th, 2012] • Participated in the Professional Advisory Committee at Art Institute of Atlanta. [Sept. 13th 2012]
• Mentoring – Cobb County Schools, acts as a mentor and adviser for local High school, Middle Schools, and colleges. Wheeler High school, Brumby Middle School. • Career Workshops – Marietta Ga. [May 11th 2012]