Kill Pox: 24 hours – Ki(II) Pox:24 Hours @Megacorp

Kill Pox – Ki(II) Pox Android- Teaser Trailer 

Are the conspiracy theories true?  Would you really want to know? This is my story, this is why I hide. Back then I was a software engineer and I landed a huge contract with Megacorp as a consultant to develop specific software.  The kind of contract you wait twenty years to earn, and it was the day of contract signing.  My lawyer told me he was already at the location and I was late.  I had no idea the building was in a mid-Arizona desert.  One building with one door, the place had a cold creepiness to it.  I announced myself via camera and the door opened, I signed in and sat in the lobby with a few others and waited.  Then the lights went out…


  • Title:Kill Pox: 24 Hours (at Megacorp.)
    Target Launch:October 2016
    Platform: Android / iOS
    Tagline :Eye see All.
  • Theme:A race against time during a Zombie-esque viral outbreak set on the backdrop of cult conspiracy theory (Illuminati/Alien/genetic and Bio-engineering/Big Pharma/Government) etc.).
  • Genre: Side Scrolling Beat’em up + Adventure
  • Synopsis: You are Sam, and you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  trapped in a technologically advanced sentient building created and controlled by the shadowy Vision Consortium.  The virus has 24 Hours of real game time to find a cure or an exit. 100 floors, 100 rooms per level; can it be done?  Your enemies are The Keepers, The building, the Vision Consortium, and of course time
  • ZN Title Screen D2

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