Meninjer: The Last Stand (Android)

MENINJER: The Last Stand Knowing that death is the inevitable end; would you stand to keep your family from harm?  Meninjer: The Last Stand is a core gamer’s mobile fix. Available for Android download May 2015; play as Jaden Ayr Meninjer, facing countless enemies to keep the fight away from home. Survive as long as possible in this first ever genre defining “Infinite Fighter” with top-down “King of the Mountain” styled game play. Building on the infinite gameplay style of notable titles; hack, slash, fire lasers, and kick universal tail for as long as you can keep up. Available for […]

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Kill Pox : 24 Hours – Ki(II) Pox Android – Teaser Trailer

Kill Pox – Ki(II) Pox Android- Teaser Trailer  Were the conspiracy theorists right? Would you really want to know? This is my story, this is why I hide. Back then I was a software engineer and I landed a huge contract with Megacorp as a consultant to develop specific software.  The kind of contract you wait twenty years to earn, and it was the day of contract signing.  My lawyer told me he was already at the location and I was late.  I had no idea the building was in a mid-Arizona desert.  One building with one door, the place […]